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July 18, 2023
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Understanding Motorcycle Coverage Limits

Your motorcycle was a healthy financial investment, one you take seriously. You make sure you ride it when it is clear outside and ensure that it has the proper maintenance; you regularly schedule oil changes, maintain your drivetrain and you routinely change your air filters. By paying attention to all of these meticulous details, you increase the chances that your motorcycle will last for years to come. As such, it makes sense to have a motorcycle insurance policy that protects your investment in the same manner, right?Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

Many states impose compulsory motorcycle insurance coverage for owners. This basic coverage is liability insurance that helps you cover the cost of damaging others’ property and injuries they sustain when you are at fault; it does not help you repair or replace your own motorcycle at all. It covers liabilities associated with:

•    Bodily injury
•    Property damage
•    Medical payments

For insurance coverage to help protect your investment, you need collision and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Collision Coverage

Motorcycles are smaller and more exposed than cars to danger. Their design makes it tougher for other drivers to see them coming; as a result, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) reports that 112,000 motorcycles were involved in accidents in 2012 alone. Motorcycle designs do not effectively withstand impact, and incurring damage to your motorcycle is nearly unavoidable in most accidents.

With the right collision insurance, your benefits may include:

•    Repair or replacement following an accident with a stationary object
•    Repair or replacement resulting from an accident with another vehicle
•    Flipping your motorcycle

In some areas, collision insurance can help you when your motorcycle is involved in a hit-and-run accident. Collision is the first step to ensuring that you have coverage that will effectively protect your motorcycle.

Comprehensive Coverage

Accidents are only a fraction of the events that can potentially have a negative impact your motorcycle. Weather-related events, vandalism and theft are always potential risks for motorcycle riders. Fortunately, comprehensive insurance coverage helps protect your motorcycle from losses that are not considered an accident.

You do everything to ensure that your motorcycle is protected mechanically, so why not ensure that it’s protected while you ride it as well? By purchasing compulsory, collision and comprehensive insurance, you ensure that your investment will remain protected whether you encounter an at-fault loss or you lose your motorcycle due to criminal activity.

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