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We know that there are some people that really like to get on the web and find everything that they are looking for, fill out the information requested, and then buy it, without ever having to speak with a salesperson.  There are certainly some products that the “” model is perfect; buying books or camping gear, or even jewelry or tools.  And, there are certainly sites you can go to that you can even buy insurance online…  

We at Insurance Tigers strongly believe that there are too many variables with any kind of insurance, to be your own Specialist.  The axiom that “a lawyer that uses himself has a fool for a client” is just as true in the insurance industry.  As an insurance professional we are licensed and trained to review ALL of your risk, not just offer you the lowest possible price.  Finding out after the claim has been incurred is absolutely the worst time to find out you don’t have adequate, or even any, coverage, no matter how low your premium.

Our site has multiple links that allow you look at the basic information for a large variety of coverage to obtain a good, basic understanding.  We also have many links that allow you to then fill out your basic information and data regarding the risk you want insured that will be sent directly (and privately) to us for our professional review and analysis.  From that point we will contact you to finalize the necessary information to provide you with a comprehensive quote for your exact needs.  As an Independent Insurance Agency we will often be able to provide you a quote lower than the online companies, even though we are being paid a commission for our service.

Additionally, you will find a large amount of basic information on insurance in our site, important updates regarding pressing insurance issues like Open Enrollment for Individuals and Medicare,  other current Hot Topics, a glossary of insurance terms, a newsletter, our blog, and convenient web links.  We encourage you to investigate our website and feel free to contact either Rickey or Steve; we are waiting to assist you and look forward to the possibility of becoming your broker.
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