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You will find that the Insurance Tigers Agency is different than most others; that is, we have based our agency on the concept that service to our prospects and clients is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT of being your Agent or Broker.  We know and understand how busy and stressful your life can be, and making that one additional trip, usually during banker’s hours, to a broker’s office sometimes adds too much to your workload.  Most importantly, life is usually not convenient in having issues arise during “standard business hours.”  The worst thing that can happen is that you need to speak with us at 5:10 PM on a Friday, and our office doesn’t open again until 8:30 AM on Monday…  Because of that you have access to both of the agency principal’s cell phones that we encourage you to use for those situations.  5 or 10 minutes with you over the phone during the weekend or holiday providing you with the proper course of action for your situation will undoubtedly save both of us a great deal of grief, stress and probably money.  This is true for every single one of our clients.

We have established our website to be one of the first access points for you to deal with us. You will see it is easy to work in, and provide you online abilities that you can access 24 hours a day.  

Insurance tends to be complicated because everyone’s situation, needs and exposure to risk is different; it is our job to ask the right questions to verify that we are protecting all the risk you are exposed to, not just the risk you see.  On our webpage you will be able to complete basic questionnaires that will be sent directly, and privately, to us to review.  With that accomplished, we will contact you to finalize the information we will need to provide you a valid quote for the coverage you need. 

Now here’s the part that you might find different and refreshing, we will work around your busy schedule and find the easiest, most convenient method to transact our business with you.  We will come to you by meeting you in the comfort of your home or office, or just for a cup of coffee.  We also understand that life is not a 9 to 5 situation, so we will gladly make time for you when it is most convenient for you.

Additionally, you will find a large amount of basic information on insurance in our site, important updates regarding pressing insurance issues like Open Enrollment for Individual and Medicare,  other current Hot Topics, a glossary of insurance terms, newsletter, our blog, and convenient web links.

Our website will always be evolving with additions of new items and new technology.  But, remember, we are also only a phone call, text or email away from a speedy response to you.

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